Environmental Simulations, Inc. creates software for groundwater modeling and aquifer test analysis. Our software is windows-compliant and includes extensive documentation, plus the best technical support in the business-for free.

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Groundwater Vistas

Our most sophisticated groundwater modeling software is Groundwater Vistas, which is a pre- and post-processor for MODFLOW models. We support more MODFLOW features than any of our competitors, and we respond to new developments from the USGS faster than our competitors. We also focus on new technology for model calibration, optimization, and uncertainty analysis.

Latest full version: Version 6 | Latest update: Version 6.48 Build 4 | click for details (pdf)


Aquifer test analysis is an integral part of groundwater modeling, supplying critical hydraulic parameters to the model or other basic groundwater calculations. Aquiferwin32 is a sophisticated Windows program that supports the analysis of aquifer tests, slug tests, and step tests. Multiple observation wells can be analyzed individually or as a group. AquiferWin32 also evaluates test data using the derivative method and can be used to simulate aquifer tests.

Latest full version: Version 5 | Latest update: Version 5.01 | click for details (pdf)


Winflow is now part of AquiferWin32 and is an analytic two-dimensional groundwater flow and contaminant transport model. Wintran, the transport model, is now part of Winflow. Winflow models are easy to set up, and provide quick solutions to simple groundwater problems such as impacts from proposed water supply wells, small-scale groundwater contamination issues, or the design of small pump & treat systems. Winflow is included with the Modeling version of AquiferWin32.

Latest full version: Version 5 | Latest update: Version 5.01 | click for details (pdf)


Most groundwater models are three-dimensional, but Groundwater Vistas does not have any 3D viewing capabilities. GW3D is an add-on to Groundwater Vistas that allows you to view your model grid, properties, and results in three dimensions. For transient simulations, the results can be turned into a simple animation movie.

Latest full version: Version 3 | Latest update: Version 3.0 | click for details (pdf)

Remote Model Launch (RML)

Large groundwater models tend to take over your computer and not allow much other multi-tasking to take place. RML was designed to run model simulations developed in Groundwater Vistas on another computer accessible through your network. Messages are passed over the network between Groundwater Vistas and the model during the simulation. When the simulation is finished, you are alerted by Groundwater Vistas and post-processing can begin. RML frees up your computer for other tasks while the remote computer bears the burden of the model simulation.

Latest full version: Version 2 | click for details (pdf)

Technical Support

Groundwater modeling is complex and you are likely to have a lot of questions when designing your model or aquifer test. Some of the questions may be conceptual in nature and some will be related to the software and how to do certain procedures. We answer any question you may have, even if it is not directly related to the operation of our software. We also never charge extra for our support.

We take a lot of pride in our technical support at ESI, and we are confident that our support is the best in the business. Our developers, Doug and Jim Rumbaugh, provide all technical support directly. Doug and Jim each have 25 years of experience in groundwater modeling and aquifer testing. They wrote the software, use the software in consulting, and teach seminars with the software. You simply cannot get better support than that.

Support Contacts:

Groundwater Vistas | GW3D:
Jim Rumbaugh
Tel. (610) 670-3400

Aquiferwin32 | Winflow | RML:
Doug Rumbaugh
Tel. (717) 444-3300

You can also check out Jim's blog at for the latest issues and discussions related to our software.

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